We Believe

The God of the Universe is a personal God. He has revealed Himself to us in three distinct persons: Our Father, the Giver of life; Jesus Christ, our Savior; and Holy Spirit, our Helper and Guide. No matter what circumstance we face, our God is with us, for us, working in us, and He will lead us to our purpose and destiny as we put our trust in Him.


God is worthy of Praise. The Scripture declares: “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!” We allow praise to flow freely from our hearts, with expressions of singing, clapping, dancing, and shouting to the One who has poured out His blessings in our lives.


We have total forgiveness through our belief in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. When we invite Jesus Christ to be our Savior and Lord, our sins are completely washed away and the righteousness of Jesus covers us like a white garment. We can declare the words of the Scripture, “there is therefore now no condemnation if we are in Christ Jesus.”


One of the names of God in Scripture is Jehovah-Jireh, which means “our Provider.” God is a good Father and His children should expect Him to meet their daily needs for food, clothing, shelter, and any other necessity for daily living.


The Bible is God’s Word to us – inherent in the words of Scripture is the very life-sustaining and life-giving breath of God. As we read God’s word, He speaks to our hearts. The entire Bible was God-inspired and given to us so that we can live the kind of life that He can bless and prosper.


Prayer is communicating with God. The Scriptures instruct us to pray at all times about everything. Through prayer, we participate with God in bringing forth His divine plans in the earth. For this reason, we take seriously our responsibility to take our place in God’s Kingdom through prayer and intercession, until His Kingdom comes and His Will, in our region and throughout the earth, is done.


Healing is as much a benefit of the cross of Jesus Christ as salvation from sin and eternal life. Jesus demonstrated the will of God regarding sickness by healing all kinds of sickness wherever He went. By faith, we can receive God’s healing touch in our lives. As Jesus’ disciples, it is our privilege through prayer to dispense this healing grace of God to others as freely as we have received it.


Through the power of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, God flows through us in supernatural ways. At salvation, the Holy Spirit comes into our lives to fill us with His power, with the evidence of speaking in tongues, and provides us with gifts of revelation, power, and utterance. The gifts of the Holy Spirit bring transformation in our own lives as well as the lives of those to whom we minister.


As members of a body of Believers, the love of God should be shared in relevant and practical ways. God has ordained Pastors to take the lead in caring for His children. But the church should also function as a family, with every member participating in both giving and receiving. We continually strive to create a warm and loving atmosphere in which all who come are transformed and made whole by the touch of God flowing through us, one to another.