Below are testimonies from within our congregation.

We hope their stories are encouraging, and up-lifting to you! 

Crystal West 
Nick Masi


I began to attend Unfailing Love Ministries in 2007 during a time of great stress in my life.  At this time, my mother was very ill and I had been having work-related problems.  I felt drawn to come to church every Sunday.  Listening to the preaching of the Word and eventually being invited to play keyboards on the worship team gave me a sense of peace.  I believe God drew me to this church and to this group of people.  When my mother passed away, my friends from church were there for me.  In addition, my work issues were eventually solved through answered prayer.  I feel that God has set me on a new path to be a better man, a better husband, and a better father.  He has opened my eyes and heart through worship.


Throughout the many life challenges and changes I have experienced in the past three years, Unfailing Love Fellowship has been a rock for me.  During these extremely tough times, Pastor Stacy, Bill and their family have stood by me and supported me, offering true unconditional love as God has brought me through these trials and tribulations.  With their help and support, I have been able to make progress through right choices, and even when I’ve made mistakes, they have continued to embrace me with open arms and non-judgmental smiles.  In addition, the congregation of Unfailing Love Fellowship is an example of the Love of Jesus – they have been taught to love people regardless of circumstances, race, and even sin.  They believe that the Word of God teaches us to despise sin but love the sinner.  I thank God everyday for the blessing of this church family in my life.

Mike Masi

I have battled addiction all of my life.  Years of my life gone and countless.  I don't think it ever occured to me that my problem was spiritual.  With my own eyes I watched my father find solice and gratitude here.  But that wasn't enough for me to change.  It wasn't until a few more years of pain that I had my own experience with God.  Unfailing love fellowship was the catalyst to a better and loving life.  Singing and praising God filled me with a peace I had been searching for all my life.  Words can only say so much.  The feeling I get from the love and unity here is angelic.  All I can say is thank you. 

James Weber


About seven years ago, I had lost my job.   My wife made a decision to visit Unfailing Love Fellowship, and the very next week, I attended with her.  What I encountered at the church was acceptance and an opportunity to serve instead of focusing on my current situation.  It was not long before our whole family, including our two sons, was helping in the Unfailing Love food ministry.  Eventually, I saw an opportunity in the music ministry to use my gift of music.  I have enjoyed ministering on the worship team with my bass guitar for about five years.  Through this experience, I have encountered Jesus in a greater measure.   The Lord has blessed my life with work, debt cancellation and a 30-year marriage that is built on love.  I have grown in wisdom and have more love for my wife and sons.   I have also met some amazing friends that I call family.  During these many years, I have never had to fight any battles alone.  I am grateful and blessed with the Unfailing Love Fellowship family.  My sons, Andrew and Daniel, are also part of this great team and participate in a capacity that helps them grow in The Lord – they are becoming mighty in the kingdom of God!  The word says, “train your children,” and that is just what is happening in their lives at Unfailing Love.  When we first came to the church, I thought my family and I were helping in the work, but I have come to realize that we have been mutually blessed as well.