New Chaplin of Oceanport

Our very own Reverend Stacy Deerin was named the Chaplin of Oceanport New Jersey. Her first assignment was to pray for the new Mayor, Honorable Jay Coffey on the 1st of January 2016.

Unfailing Love Fellowship is extremely proud and blessed to have the honor of being led by Reverend Stacy Deerin. She shines the light of Our Lord, relays His message and encourages many to start their relationship with God. Reverend Stacy Deerin believes in having a strong relationship with Our Father, to pray without ceasing and allowing God to be put first in every aspect of life.

All things are possible through Him.

We have prayed for revival, and now Rev. Stacy Deerin with God is taking Unfailing Love Fellowship to new heights. ULF urges you to join us on this wonderful journey, and invite ALL who are being called, to worship with us every Sunday.

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