Pastors & Leaders

Rev. Kathleen Platt

Pastor of Teaching, Board Member

Kathy Platt has been involved in various capacities of leadership and church ministry for over 30 years.  She attended Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where under the teaching of Kenneth Hagin, and her pastor, Bob Yandian, she learned to love the Word of God.  Over the years, she received instruction in the Word of God through some of the best Teachers in the Kingdom of God.  As her desire and love for the Word grew, her own gift to teach became apparent.  God opened more and more doors of opportunity for her to teach in local church schools of ministry, Sunday School, and Bible Studies.  For Kathy, there is no greater joy than teaching the foundational truths in the Word of God, which reveal the awesomeness of God, His mighty love toward us, and the incalcuable riches He has provided for us in His Kingdom!  Kathy also holds a Masters Degree from Rutgers University and is the proud mother of one daughter, Kari  Lynn, her greatest gift from God. 

Rev. Angela Weber

Pastor of Church Operations & Prayer Board Member

Angela Weber has a deep passion for Jesus. She loves His presence and desires for all to know Him. She received Jesus as her savior in 1985. She states, “I love my intimate times with my God so prayer time for me is relaxing with my Daddy. I am ever learning the Fathers Love. I often feel as though I am a conduit of His presence.  I love to help others get in His presence, letting go of restraint and being free in Him.”  Her journey to get to the place where she is now has been a bumpy ride but she would not change any bump, curve, or hill because it brought her to her arrival, which is the center of her assignment. She believes we are the creative artwork on the canvas of God’s world-ever evolving, learning, and moving forward toward the upward call.

Rev. Danny Galasso

Worship Leader

Danny was saved in 1980 and ordained in 1999. He formerly pastored Victory Christian Center along with His wife Debbie. He has a background in music having taught publicly as well as privately. He has served in various churches as Worship Leader/Minister of Music, as well as Staff Teacher/Preacher and preaches in an itinerant capacity as the Lord provides. He has a passion for the Lord and His church, to see them come to maturity, through worship and the teaching and receiving of His word.

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